Linde Gases & Technologies for Glass Panes

Glass Pane Insulation
Gases for improved thermal insulation efficiency of windows.

Window manufacturers use gases to displace the air between glass window panels. Argon and krypton, both noble gases, are the most common gases used. Argon and krypton are both clear, inert, odorless and found in low amounts in the atmosphere. 

For most applications, Argon is more commonly used for gas insulated windows since it is the most affordable with great energy performance. It can also supplement the gas-forming process to prevent defects on the glass surface.

Both gases provide better insulation when compared to air, since they are denser and can reduce the amount of heat transfer. In addition to insulation, these gases can also provide the benefit of soundproofing and condensation between windowpanes. 

Glass manufacturers may use these gases in their production lines to support the efficiency and quality of glass products.

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