Refining Expectations with Linde Gases

Supplying Industrial Refinery Gases and Equipment

Combine 80+ years of experience with over 1 billion standard cubic feet per day of hydrogen capacity, and you’ve got a supplier with both the experience and the scope to help your refinery succeed in today’s challenging environment. Hydrogen plays an essential role in producing cleaner burning transportation fuels, and we know how to supply this critical industrial gas to you safely and efficiently.

Our team offers decades of experience in engineering, executing, and operating highly efficient and reliable hydrogen production plants, recovery systems, and pipeline networks around the world. We also offer unique application technologies for the refining industry. These technologies require minimal capital, utilizes oxygen and other industrial gases for increasing process unit capacity while reducing emissions and improving reliability.

Gas Processing and Biofuel Refining

This technology is a great alternative to standard hydrotreating for reducing organic sulfur levels in fuel gas.
Read about our refinery gas processing technology

Fluid Catalytic Cracker Emissions Reduction

Reduce CO and NOx emissions up to 60% and increase operational flexibility with our CONOx application.
Additional emission reduction details

Fluid Catalytic Cracker Oxygen Enrichment

Improve the regenerator capacity of your FCC Unit by up to 35% with our oxygen enrichment technology.
More oxygen enrichment applications

Oxygen Enhanced Combustion

Our oxy-fuel combustion technology applied to your fired heater will decrease fuel consumption & increase capacity.
Learn more about debottlenecking a heater

Oxygen Enhanced Reforming

Achieve 10-15% incremental H2 production from your SMR using O2 injection in the combustion side of the reformer.
More oxygen reforming benefits

Sulfur Plant Oxygen Enrichment

Increase your Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU) capacity with oxygen enrichment.
Eliminate the need for new, costly sulfur removal units

Terminal Services

Working with terminal operators to keep facilities operating with a focus on safety and efficiency.
Take advantage of cost-effective improvements

VOC Treatment & Recovery

Using the same liquid nitrogen source that is already used in the refinery for blanketing and purging.
Return valuable products back to your operation

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