Temperature Control, Gas Application and Systems Support

Focusing on the Customer
Precise temperature control, experienced gas application, and reliable systems support allows our customers to benefit from the types of products and services we offer. The icon images associated with the competencies provide easy reference, recognition, and recall.

The Competencies that set Linde Apart from the Others

Snowflake temperature control icon
Cryogenic Technology for Precise Temperature Control

When you see the snowflake icon, think temperature. More specifically, think temperature control. Part of our core technological capability at Linde lies in not only helping you freeze your product using state-of-the-art cryogenic technology but in using our vast applications expertise to actually control the freezing process.

Controlling temperature may seem like fairly basic science. In truth it’s a lot more complicated than you might think. As you know, different food products begin to freeze at different rates as the temperature drops. It’s also important to note that temperatures will fluctuate in the food processing chain and are dependent on the nature of a product, for instance — whether it’s marinated, seafood or muscle meat, chopped and formed, raw or cooked — if cooked, what the internal and external temperature is when it reaches the cooling chamber. Of course, these are just a few of the many variables that are important in determining the ideal temperature for your process and your application.

Fortunately, at Linde, we have given a lot of thought to both the process and application and have become the leading experts in determining precise temperature parameters for food processing operations, ultimately helping processors to optimize product quality and minimize their costs.

Atmosphere Application competency
Manage the Processing Atmosphere

Atmosphere Application, appropriately enough, is represented by the blue cloud shown here. At Linde, our expertise in atmosphere application goes far beyond simply being one of our core competencies. Using cryogenic liquid and gases – like CO2 or nitrogen – at precise concentrations for the correct amount of time, we can manage the atmosphere in hundreds of applications with technologies ranging from cryogenic freezing and chilling to stripping unwanted gases from your process.

By applying gases with utmost precision in these applications, we also provide an environment that’s designed with the safety of your employees in mind. Both input and exhaust are evaluated to assure safe application of industrial gases in your applications. Linde has a range of atmosphere applications that help control your world:

  • Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)
  • Carbonation
  • Ozonation
  • Nitrogen gas inerting
  • CO2 sublimation for additional cooling
  • Nitrogen vaporization to continue freezing
  • Oxygen and CO2 atmospheres for wastewater treatment

Regardless of your food product or current process, we have the expertise to help you optimize your new or existing operation. At Linde, we're making our world more productive.

Service & System Support Competency
Service & System Support

Think the idea of true customer service is a thing of the past? Then you’re not working with Linde. The purple icon is your link to the full measure of customer service, replacement parts, and system support that backs every product and is present in each and every customer relationship — 24/7, 365 days a year. There’s more to a Linde system than shiny stainless steel - produced in our Wooster, Ohio production facility. Every freezing or chilling system has a global network of Linde experts backing it up by providing guidance, parts, and service.

When you buy a Linde product, you get our total system approach, which ensures that customers receive products optimized for their operations, plus 24/7 support services that include:

  • Complete system review and start-up
  • Customized production of all equipment and system elements including access to a wide variety of replacement parts
  • Project management for installation
  • Operator training
  • System efficiency optimization
  • Cryogen delivery systems analysis
  • Access to our Food Lab for product testing and equipment recommendations
  • Detailed freezer exhaust systems
  • Freezer production certification direct from the equipment manufacturing center in Wooster, OH
  • A full safety audit

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