IQF Perfected

Individually Quick Frozen Product
With cryogenic freezing equipment from Linde, your poultry product portions won’t freeze together during the IQF process. Instead, these products remain free-flowing, individual pieces meeting your customers’ needs.
IQF Chicken nuggets
Flighted Freezer entrance belt

CRYOLINE® UPF ultra performance flighted freezer

Select the Best for IQF

In order to produce the highest quality IQF product, the Linde system exposes the product to cryogen at the freezer entrance ensuring a quick crust freezing. Short individual belt flights gently tumble foods for reduced fines and deliver even, quick freezing on all surfaces. Yield is also maximized through direct cryogen injection at key points throughout the freezer tunnel. Additionally, a wider belt width results in shorter tunnel lengths, allowing processors to maximize throughput while conserving valuable floor space.

Pellet freezer

CRYOLINE®PE 800 pellet freezer

Producing frozen pellets

To produce frozen pellets of sauces, purees and other liquid foodstuffs, processors use the CRYOLINE® PE 800 freezer from Linde. This patented freezer will produce IQF pellets in a regular size with high repeatability, opening up many possibilities for new food product offerings. If you are producing for the catering or retail market, this freezer will allow your customer to defrost as much or as little of your product as required, giving you the edge over your competitors.

Individually quick frozen strawberries

CRYOLINE® UPI immersion freezer

Rapid IQF Processing

The immersion system offers the most rapid type of freezing method in the industry, resulting in an instant crust freeze. This importance of the crust freeze is readily apparent for IQF production of products such as marinated chicken tenders, flavored seafood patties or filets, smaller diced product like vegetables or berries and more delicate seafood including scallops and clams. Crust freezing prior to final deep-freezing reduces product dehydration, locks in flavor and helps maintain product shape, for a more attractive end result. In addition, the crust freeze ensures smoother and more rapid processing because the crust freeze prevents product from sticking to the conveyor belt.

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