Cryogenic CO2 and N2 Freezing for Agricultural Product Processing

Cryogenic Processing of Agricultural Products
Freezing agricultural products from large outdoor growers can help to preserve freshness and reduce damage from cell rupture. Cryogenic freezers eliminate the large loss of volatile components during further processing.
Plant seedlings
Control Crop Yield

Rapid cryogenic freezing is a great option for higher yield of volatile and non-volatile components of select agricultural products. This enhances hydrocarbon extraction, solvent-free extraction, freeze drying, or grinding operations and helps stabilize large seasonal harvests for large outdoor growers and processors. Linde freezers are optimized for freezing within minutes while ensuring gentle handling to retain all the trichomes, volatile & non-volatile components to create high-value end-products.

Valued components of agricultural products
Improved Yield for Higher Value

Rapid cryogenic freezing can help to maintain the potency and chemical integrity of the plant material by retaining all the volatile and non-volatile components. This results in higher quality extracts, especially for processors utilizing hydrocarbon or solvent-free extraction. Additionally, cryogenic freezers significantly reduce the levels of yeast and mold commonly found on outdoor products, decreasing product rejection issues. Cryogenic freezing reduces clumping and rotting losses when product is filled into large bins of a storage freezer.

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