Expanding Rail Systems to Support Transportation Advances

Decarbonizing Rail Transportation
Hydrogen fuel cell powered commuter train
Hydrogen Power for Rail Systems

Hydrogen for rail service supports a carbon neutral economy. Hydrogen powered systems use about 29% less energy compared to diesel and create local zero-emissions operations. There is approximately a 10% reduction in regular maintenance compared to diesel powered rail. Other benefits include synergies with fueling concepts for fuel cell buses and other municipal vehicles, reduced noise and vibration, and utilization of existing rail infrastructure. Linde has announced plans to build a refueling station for passenger trains in Germany.

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The Benefits of Hydrogen Power

The rewards hydrogen could bring trains is impressive. Cleaner locomotive fuel allows for a longer-lasting engine with less maintenance. A renewable fuel source ensures trains could resume constant operation without concern of resource depletion. Hydrogen powered engines may help to protect the earth’s natural resources while simultaneously bringing desired improvements to the train industry.

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