Food Technologies Lab

Food technology lab & food processing systems

Processing down to a science


Our Food Technologies Laboratory and experienced staff provide our customers with the best-fit technology tailored to meet specific food freezing and processing needs. And while our methods are advanced, our goal is very simple: to help you deliver high quality food and beverage products to your customers.

In our Food Lab, we can analyze your process and provide you with recommendations on how to improve the quality and consistency of your product. Our lab is a full-time facility that has been in operation for over 40 years. Our experienced and dedicated technicians make their recommendations based on their expertise and the evaluation of data collected from thousands of tests on actual food products, in-lab thermal analyses and product testing on production-scale equipment. We will collect data on the thermal characteristics of your product, determine parameters for your freezing and chilling equipment, show what your product looks and tastes like after freezing, and recommend ways to better meet your goals. We are equipped to answer your most difficult product and processing questions so that you can optimize your system. So whether it's maximizing yield, boosting production or perfecting your finished product, our experts are ready to help with a customized assessment of your operation.

Food Technologies Lab Brochure (612 KB)