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Neon (Ne)

In the aircraft and space industries, neon is used as a coolant for ultra-sensitive infrared imaging and detection equipment. Automotive lamp manufacturers use neon to make high-quality lights for bright, long-lasting performance. Neon is the most abundant component in excimer laser gas mixtures that are used to generate laser light for precise photolithography and to perform the controlled annealing of polysilicon films for semiconductors and flat panel displays.

Neon (Ne)

We offer compressed neon gas and liquid neon (Ne) in a variety of purities and concentrations. Download Safety Data Sheets or see the chart below for more information about neon.

Product Name & Concentration

  • Compressed Neon (Ne) Gas, > 99%
  • Refrigerated Liquid Neon (Ne), > 99%
  • Neon HCl Xe H2 Mixtures
  • Neon Ar Xe Kr Mixtures
  • Neon F2 Ar Mixtures

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