The Linde Green™ Option

Low Carbon Intensity Hydrogen and Zero-Carbon Atmospheric Gases

Sustainability is one of our principal values and inspired our latest gas offerings. Atmospheric gases are produced utilizing 100% carbon-free energy allow Linde to supply nitrogen, oxygen and argon with a lower carbon footprint. In fact, the atmospheric gases available as a Linde Green Option are carbon-free at the point of production.

An advantage of partnering with Linde for clean energy, is that we have hydrogen production facilities primed and ready to deliver. With decades of experience and ongoing investment in hydrogen production, processing and storage infrastructure, we have greater control of and access to the fuel that can power your fleet. Linde can help ensure hydrogen fuel is never far away when you need it.

With the Linde Green designation, our customers can be confident that they are using argon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen produced with renewable energy. This provides the customer with ability to reduce their carbon footprint while using a reliable product. In the end, this is beneficial for both the customer and the environment.

Linde Green™ Argon

An inert gas that is used primarily in welding and other industrial processes.
More applications to reduce carbon footprint

Low Carbon Intensity Hydrogen

Hydrogen is rapidly becoming a vital component of our modern energy mix.
Read about all the industries that may benefit

Linde Green™ Nitrogen

A commonly used atmospheric gas for use in industrial processes such as metal fabrication.
There are even more decarbonization uses

Linde Green™ Oxygen

Often associated for medical use but is important in the glass and metals industries.
Discover additional opportunities for carbon reduction

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