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Krypton (Kr)

Automotive lamp manufacturers use krypton gas to make high-quality lights for bright, long-lasting performance. Krypton is a key component used in neon-based excimer laser gas mixtures which are used to generate laser light for precise photolithography in semiconductor manufacturing. Krypton is used in the production of specialty flat glass utilized in the solar, automotive and construction markets. Utilizing krypton in the coating process allows for glass to be manufactured with unique and specific attributes. Window manufacturers use our krypton as an insulator in windows allowing them to meet their market needs for improving the thermal efficiency of their products.

Krypton (Kr)

We offer compressed Krypton (Kr) gas in a variety of purities. We also produce a broad range of binary and multi-component mixtures with component ranges from ppm and ppb up to 50% based on your specifications. We prepare krypton mixtures in combination with other noble gases, halogen gases, and flammable and toxic compounds. Download Safety Data Sheets or see the chart below for more information on krypton gas and contact us for your mixture needs.

Product Name & Concentration

  • Krypton Gas, > 99%
  • Krypton Ne Mixture
  • Krypton F2 Ne Mixture

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