Buy Acetylene Gas or Chemical Acetylene Gas (C2H2)

Acetylene (C2H2)

We offer acetylene gas (C2H2) in a variety of purities and packages. Download Safety Data Sheets or see the chart below for more information on buying acetylene gas.

Acetylene, C2H2

For automotive and other transportation equipment, acetylene is used as a key component in low pressure carburizing. It provides the precise carbon source automotive manufacturers need to create a strong, wear-resistance surface layer on steel parts. Acetylene offers the hottest flame temperature of all commercially available fuel gases, making it an ideal atmosphere for oxy-fuel welding and cutting, as well as brazing applications.

Product Name & Concentration

  • Acetylene Gas, 98.0%
  • Chemical Acetylene Gas, > 99.2%
  • Acetylene, AA Grade for Atomic Absorption, 99.6%

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