Cylinders & Liquid Containers

Compressed Gas Cylinder & Container Supply, Safety, Management & Sizes

The total package

For smaller or more specialized applications, we offer our complete line of Linde gases in high-pressure gas cylinders and liquid containers in a variety of sizes. With over 400 stores, depots, cylinder filling plants, specialty gases labs, sales and administration offices and distribution centers in North America, we’re focused on delivering solutions to you.

Support & monitoring tools

If you are concerned about the regulatory, technical or safety aspects of cylinder gas supply, we can help. We offer technical support for process optimization, chemical processing, analytical measurement and purification. We provide on-site cylinder management services that use  data management tools designed to track and manage your gas cylinders. The service allocates cylinders and products on your site, provides you with stock information and helps you control your gas cylinder inventory.

Quality assurance

We offer a number of quality assurance services that provide a method for inter- and intra-company quality assurance. These programs become part of your TQM or ISO 9000 activities to help you evaluate total system operation and performance. They can provide an independent way to evaluate the performance of your suppliers and your internal quality processes. Let us help you set up a program that improves and demonstrates the value of your analytical results.

Cylinder safety

Your safety is extremely important to us. That’s why we offer safety and application training on gas characteristics and hazards, safe handling and storage, personnel protective equipment and the correct use of your gases for each application.

Accustar delivery system

Not only do we help you monitor, manage and use your gas cylinders, we make it easier than ever to purchase them. With our Accustar electric cylinder invoicing and delivery system you’ll get faster industrial cylinder transaction processing, on-site invoicing and reduced paperwork, more specific delivery times to meet your deadlines and the convenience of credit card payments and electronic receipts.

MegaCal cylinder for industrial hygiene applications

Our MegaCal cylinders are designed to be an alternative to the disposable cylinders prevalent in the industrial hygiene market. These recyclable, high-capacity cylinders are ideal for high-volume applications yet are light weight and portable, matching the physical dimensions of the smaller cylinder they resemble. These easy to carry cylinders are plug and play capable with your gas detectors.
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