N2 CO2 Pizza freezing and chilling

Freezing & Chilling

Praxair’s cryogenic freezing and chilling systems freeze the freshness into your frozen pizzas so that every day can be #NationalPizzaDay. #PraxairIsEverywhere 
See the Play Better

Kick off the evening with the big game on a big screen. Gases like silane and neon are used in producing your television. Touchdown! #PraxairIsEverywhere
Soaring Productivity

Productivity is in the air at Praxair. Our argon, oxygen and Praxair Surface Technologies specialty metal materials for thermal barrier coatings on power turbines and airplane jet engines have enabled those customers to avoid the equivalent of many millions of metric tons of CO2 emissions. #PraxairIsEverywhere
Pumping Iron

Metal Production & Mining

Pump up your resolution with Praxair gases. Iron and steelmaking use Praxair oxygen, nitrogen and argon as well as Praxair technologies to reduce cost, improve energy efficiency and improve productivity. In fact, without oxygen, iron and steelmakers cannot make the parts needed for exercise equipment. #PraxairIsEverywhere
Making Traditions

Food & Beverage

The holidays are a time to celebrate family, friends and traditions. In many Italian-American households, pasta is a customary, and important, part of the holiday meal. Either liquid nitrogen or cryogenic carbon dioxide can be used with Praxair freezing equipment to individually freeze raviolis and other pastas just like “Nona” used to make. #PraxairIsEverywhere 
Sparking Creativity Inspiring Change

Metal Production & Mining

A powerful work of art has the potential to make a difference. Argon based welding blends from Praxair empower artists like Praxair’s In Store Sales Representative Kate McLean to create sculptures that call attention to the devastating effect of plastic on marine life. Praxair provides a wide range of welding blends like the Stargold™ C25 blend that Kate uses as well as proprietary products like Stargon™ VS blend which can provide up to a 40% increase in productivity in high-speed production processes. #PraxairIsEverywhere
Talk Turkey

Food & Beverage

Let’s talk turkey. Did you know Praxair gases can be found right on your Thanksgiving table? #PraxairIsEverywhere
From Vine to Table

All Gases

You may have heard it through the grapevine that Praxair’s gases can be used to make wine. Our sulfur dioxide is used to control fermentation and oxidation, reduce pH levels and destroy micro-organisms on grapes, while dry ice (CO2) is an ideal way to cool grapes in warm weather. During the bottling process, nitrogen or argon is used to reduce off flavors and maintain color, extend shelf life and improve product integrity. #PraxairIsEverywhere
Time to Shine

It’s your time to shine. Praxair’s ultra-high purity ammonia and high precision mixtures help produce high-quality LEDs used in sports stadium lights. #PraxairIsEverywhere
Productivity on Tap

All Gases

National Coffee Day and we love coffee “a latte.” Nitro brew coffee, a precise blend of coffee, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, is the perfect way to tap into your productivity. #PraxairIsEverywhere
Love is in the Air

Metal Production & Mining

Forever has a nice ring to it. Praxair's oxygen and argon are used to make gold rings. Oxygen helps extract gold in the mining process and argon is used to protect it as it's melted down. #PraxairIsEverywhere
N2 Cured Strong

Nitrogen (N2)

When concrete is poured, it heats up during the curing process and expands, which can jeopardize concrete strength and even cause it to crack. Praxair’s liquid nitrogen can be used to cool down the concrete prior to pouring so it remains strong for important structures such as bridges and dams. #PraxairIsEverywhere
C3H8 Fire up the Grill


Propane is commonly used in outdoor grills as its flame quickly heats up what's cooking on the grill and holds a steady temperature. With Praxair's propane, you can be ready to turn up the heat at your end of summer barbecue. #PraxairIsEverywhere
O2 N2 H2 Beach

All Gases

Beat the heat with a day at the lake and some products made with the help of Praxair gases! #PraxairIsEverywhere
N2 Go the Distance

Nitrogen (N2)

Go the distance with Praxair. Our nitrogen can be used to inflate tires for bicycle races, which helps to increase tire life by stabilizing pressure and slowing rubber oxidation. #PraxairIsEverywhere
Bright Lights Big Dreams thumbnail image

Neon (Ne)

Praxair is a leading supplier of neon to the global semiconductor industry. Neon is widely used in lighting, but its role has changed from being a gas glowing in a tube to supporting lasers used to make components of the modern display screens seen in big cities. #PraxairIsEverywhere
Ar O2 CO2 Keeping it Cool thumbnail image

Keeping it Cool

Stay cool during the dog days of summer with Praxair. Our oxygen is used to cut metal air-conditioner parts, while argon and carbon dioxide help weld them. #PraxairIsEverywhere
CO2 Well Read thumbnail image

Well Read

Carbon dioxide helps pulp mills reduce chemical loss during the pressing and rewashing stage of pulp and paper production. This reduction of chemical loss helps pulp mills save money when making the pages of your favorite book. #PraxairIsEverywhere
N2 Enjoy the Ride thumbnail image

Nitrogen (N2)

Start your adventure with Praxair. Our nitrogen can be used to help launch roller coasters when they are first put into service. #PraxairIsEverywhere
CO2 Fruitful Growing image

Greenhouse Growing

Create show-stopping desserts with greenhouse grown berries. Praxair’s liquid carbon dioxide offers a number of advantages for greenhouse growers: purity of product, reduced crop damage, better control of carbon dioxide levels, the flexibility to introduce carbon dioxide within the greenhouse at any time – and it helps produce higher fruit yields. #PraxairIsEverywhere
O2 Up Up & Away image

3... 2... 1... Lift Off! Praxair supports commercial and military space programs by supporting rocket propulsion for lift off, orbiting and interplanetary travel. Liquid oxygen, combined with high energy fuels (bi-propellant propulsion), helps deliver large payloads, including space station supplies, satellites and inter-planetary probes, to their destinations. Praxair has been a primary supplier of liquid oxygen since 1940. #PraxairIsEverywhere
CO2 Flower Power thumbnail image

Greenhouse Growing

An essential component of photosynthesis, carbon dioxide helps flowers put the petal to the metal. Greenhouse carbon dioxide supply helps increase productivity through improved plant growth and vigor, resulting in earlier flowering and improved stem strength and flower size. #PraxairIsEverywhere
Innovation is Calling thumbnail image


Praxair provides smarter gases for smarter technology. Nearly the full range of Praxair gases - from atmospherics to rare gases to specialty products – help support the production of semiconductors and screens used in smartphones. High purity, reliable supply and innovative packaging and delivery systems help keep these productivity enhancing products moving forward all the time. #PraxairIsEverywhere
Ar Precious Moments thumbnail image

Ferrous Metals

Praxair’s argon helps produce stainless steel appliances and cookware for your precious, stain-filled memories. A key component in our Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) technology, argon is used to create over 75% of the world’s stainless steel. AOD provides an efficient way to produce consistent, quality stainless steel with a minimal loss of precious elements, which helps to make the process more cost-effective. #PraxairIsEverywhere
CO2 A Monumental Clean thumbnail image

Dry Ice (CO2)

Praxair’s UltraIce™ dry ice is being used to clean the monumental Umbrella fountain at the National Anthropology Museum in Mexico City, Mexico for the first time in 53 years. The cleaning process works by using pellets of UltraIce dry ice, which are produced by converting liquid carbon dioxide into dry ice pellets, each no bigger than a grain of rice, and then spraying them at the object to be cleaned, leaving nothing behind but a clean, dry, undamaged surface. #PraxairIsEverywhere

Nitrogen (N2)

Praxair is found in new foundations. Our nitrogen can be used to help excavation contractors freeze and stabilize the ground at construction sites. #PraxairIsEverywhere
O2 Cheers! thumbnail image


Praxair oxygen is used to produce glass bottles for breweries. Oxygen enhances combustion, which helps improve energy efficiency in the glass melting process and helps manufacturers reduce their nitrogen oxide emissions. Always drink responsibly and make the right choice to get home safely. #PraxairIsEverywhere
NH3 Light the way

Light the way with Praxair. Our ultra-high purity ammonia and high precision mixtures help produce high-quality LEDs used in vehicles. #PraxairIsEverywhere
N2 Freshness that lasts

Food & Beverage

Praxair nitrogen helps maintain the crunch in your potato chips by keeping them fresher, longer. #PraxairIsEverywhere
O2 N2 Lights Camera Action

Specialty Services

Using an innovative liquid oxygen / liquid nitrogen mixture, Praxair's SaFog™ Special Effects Service has created spooky fog and smoke effects for movies like “Batman and Robin,” “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” “Spiderman,” “Deep Impact” and “Armageddon.” In fact, SaFog earned an Academy Award® for technical achievement. #PraxairIsEverywhere
Ne Powering the Future

Electronic devices have become increasingly powerful, enabling tools, and at Praxair, we understand what it takes to keep progress and productivity moving forward. Neon is used to help define extremely small dimensions in computer chips and to help perform the controlled annealing used to make displays. #PraxairIsEverywhere
valentine's day

Industries Overview

Say I Love You with Praxair Gases. Thanks to nitrogen, oxygen and other gases from Praxair, love is literally in the air… everywhere! #PraxairIsEverywhere
O2 N2 CO2 Freshen Your Resolution

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Freshen up your resolution with fresh produce. Praxair offers specialty gas blends that can help pre-packed produce stay fresher, crisper and brighter - longer, leading to extended shelf life. #PraxairIsEverywhere
N2 Winning Wings


Praxair nitrogen helps your game day chicken wings fly further. Because of its extremely cold temperatures, liquid nitrogen is an essential part of immersion freezing, a method known for producing individually quick frozen (IQF) foods such as chicken wings and drumsticks ideal for the big game. #PraxairIsEverywhere
N2 Snowboard

Nitrogen (N2)

Praxair helps snowboarders catch big air. Our liquid nitrogen can be used to make snow for snowboarding competitions. #PraxairIsEverywhere
Stargon SS Blend

Welding & Metal Fabrication

We’re fusing productivity and affordability at Praxair. Our StargonSS blend for MIG welding stainless steel is a carefully controlled blend of argon, carbon dioxide and nitrogen that helps you improve deposition rates, weldability and color matching, while helping you to reduce your costs. #PraxairIsEverywhere
CO2 Dry Iced Cold

Dry Ice (CO2)

Praxair’s UltraIce™ premium dry ice is used by the Healthcare industry for cryogenics and long distance transportation. The Food and Beverage industry uses it to help food processors increase productivity. Let Praxair help you preserve the freshness of your products. #PraxairIsEverywhere
H2 Chemical Necessities


It's not just about the chemical. It's about the reaction. See how Praxair can help you optimize your process efficiency and meet your environmental goals. 
HeO2 Deep See


They say the oceans are the last frontier. At Praxair, we give you the gases, equipment and supply systems you need to explore the depths worry free. 
Kr Sky High Efficiency

Krypton (Kr)

Did you know krypton is used as an insulator in windows? Praxair supplied the krypton used to make the Empire State Building’s 6,500 energy efficient windows! 
N2 Ice Cream

Nitrogen (N2)

Celebrate the season with a summer favorite. Praxair offers customers a highly effective technology for hardening ice cream using liquid nitrogen. 
O2 Making It Clean & Green

Water & Wastewater Treatment

We don't waste water, we renew it. Last year Praxair helped bring clean drinking water to 125 million people around the world. #PraxairIsEverywhere
SiH4 A Sharper Display

A sharper display for all of your favorite videos. Silane is a key raw material for the deposition of amorphous and polycrystalline silicon thin films in the flat panel display industry. 
He Detection is the Best Medicine

Cryogen & MRI Services

Available 24/7, our MRI helium and transfilling service is a reliable and cost effective solution. #PraxairIsEverywhere
Kr Clearly Efficient

Krypton (Kr)

Manufacturers use our krypton as an insulator in windows, allowing them to meet their market needs for improving the thermal efficiency of their products. #PraxairIsEverywhere
CO2 Growing Strong

Greenhouse Growing

An essential component of photosynthesis, CO2 increases productivity through improved plant growth and vigor, resulting in earlier flowering, higher fruit yields, and improved stem strength and flower size. 
Ar Powered by Innovation

#PraxairIsEverywhere that innovation meets sustainable development. Our argon is used in wafer production for solar carports like those at our Danbury, CT Headquarters. The carports save energy, reduce carbon emissions, and generate half of the building’s annual electricity. These are just a few ways we are making our planet more productive, as well as our customers.
CO2 Frozen Never Tasted so Fresh

Freezing & Chilling

Prepared foods perfected. Cryogenic freezing and chilling systems from Praxair allow your company to create the new convenience foods that today’s customers demand.
N2 Aquarium Glass


Praxair’s nitrogen is used to produce the tempered and laminated glass in many of the world’s major aquarium windows, including the Aqua Marino de Xcaret in Mexico, the Indianapolis Zoo and the Beijing Aquarium in China, to name just a few. #PraxairIsEverywhere
O2 Molten Hot Perfection

Argon Oxygen Decarburization

Over 75% of the world's stainless steel is made using the Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) process invented by Praxair 50 years ago. #PraxairIsEverywhere