Water & Wastewater Treatment

Oxygen for Enhanced Aeration & Carbon dioxide for self-buffering pH control

We don't waste water. We renew it.

We develop and deliver customized systems to help industrial plants and municipalities meet their wastewater management goals. We work directly with our customers to provide beginning-to-end treatment methods, from needs assessment and treatment strategy to equipment design, installation and industrial supply. And we offer a wide range of applications that treat and reuse process water, all while maximizing treatment capacity, reducing VOC emissions, improving safety and reducing costs.

But at Linde, we do more than treat wastewater. As the global demand for potable water continues to rise and fresh water supplies are quickly depleting, we’re advancing industrial technology to make this life-sustaining resource accessible to a growing population. Last year alone, we helped bring clean drinking water to an estimated 290 million people around the world.

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Our On-Site VPSA Oxygen Capabilities

Linde was among the first companies to commercialize Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) oxygen.
Through our 24/7 remote monitoring and on-the-ground technical support, we support wastewater treatment energy efficiency, we can help:

  • Optimize power efficiency for lower gas supply costs.
  • Experience intelligent power adjustments to elevate energy efficiency strategies for wastewater treatment plants.
  • Install a liquid oxygen supply backup system for routine maintenance and small on-site plant utilities.
  • Supply liquid oxygen through a tank truck delivery when demand exceeds on-site plant capabilities.
  • Benefit from an efficient and modular design to accommodate a range of plant footprints and streamline project execution.

Related Pulp & Paper market applications and Linde services for on-site oxygen production:

Industrial applications for water & wastewater treatment 

Aeration & Odor Control

By incorporating Linde’s pure oxygen into your existing process, the levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) can be raised enough to reduce odors without further action. As an added bonus, Linde can provide you with an oxygen treatment system that can help lower your costs, while helping the environment. 

pH Control

Linde has the resources, experience, technical know-how and supply network to meet your pH requirements. By replacing stronger mineral acids with carbon dioxide, you can lower pH levels more accurately without impacting your safety processes.

UNOX Process Upgrades

Explore the possibility of a UNOX system process upgrade. Take the next steps to advance your environmental performance. A review of your UNOX facility can help you achieve reduced operating costs and improved reliability through the upgrade of oxygen generation and dissolution equipment.


Ozone is a powerful disinfectant used in drinking water and wastewater treatment. Compared to conventional chlorine-based disinfectants, ozone can offer improved destruction of recalcitrant organics, reduced generation of disinfection byproducts and improved destruction of parasitic organisms. In addition, you can avoid chemical residue while controlling unwanted microbial growth in your operation.

Recarbonation & Remineralization

As one of the world’s largest suppliers of carbon dioxide, Linde offers everything you need for a superior water treatment systems. Linde can provide a complete analysis and the technical support necessary to determine how much carbon dioxide is required to adequately treat water to a desired pH and restore a balanced mineral level.

CO2 for pH Control and Remineralization (542KB)

Industrial services for water & wastewater treatment 

Emergency Oxygenation Service

Our In-Situ Oxygenation (I-SO™) emergency service can quickly provide temporary oxygen-based aeration to solve water and wastewater treatment capacity problems or excursions resulting from inclement weather, power outages, excessive loading, spills and plant maintenance.

We do more than provide industrial gases, technologies and applications to the water & wastewater treatment industry. We’ll help you to optimize every step of your process. From consultation to implementation and use, we offer a range of services that help you monitor and manage your gas supply so you can focus on making your water cleaner.


Water Treatment Systems 
Ozone And Sludge Reduction

In-Situ Oxygenation (I-SO™) System

Increase bio-treatment capacity with our I-SO system. This system provides excellent solid suspension, reduces foaming, increases dissolved oxygen (DO) levels, and decreases VOC emissions and odors at a lower cost.  Learn more 

In-Situ Oxygenation System (444KB)


SOLVOX® Mobile Oxygen System

Designed for small to medium-sized wastewater treatment plants that need to cope with peak loads and downtime during aeration equipment maintenance. It has a free-floating design suitable for basins with challenging shapes and its compact form makes for a hassle-free installation. 

SOLVOX Mobile Oxygen System (1 MB)

SOLVOX inline aerator unit

SOLVOX® Inline Injector System

Prevent pipe corrosion damage by adding pure oxygen directly into pressurized wastewater transfer pipes. The addition of oxygen initiates the natural aerobic purification processes, similar
to those carried out in the aerobic biological stage of the secondary treatment plant.

Water Treatment Add-Ons


Linde’s SOLVOCARB® Venturi product is a reliable and safe alternative to mineral acid use for self-buffering pH control. The SOLVOCARB Venturi is a low pressure drop gas-liquid contactor that provides excellent carbon dioxide bubble distribution for effective gas dissolution. The spacing of the injection holes in the venturi nozzle has been specifically engineered to reduce the occurrence of localized pH variation.  

SOLVOCARB® Venturi datasheet (943KB)

pH Controls_Water

Carbon Dioxide Control Panels

Using carbon dioxide to replace acid provides a safer and self-buffering method of controlling pH levels. Linde provides all of the components; engineering, analysis, installation services, product supply and control panels, required to effectively lower the pH level of water. Learn more

Carbon Dioxide to Reduce pH Levels (109KB)

I-SO Installed in UNOX Tank

UNOX System Process Upgrade

Explore a UNOX system process upgrade and take the next steps to advance your environmental performance. A review of your UNOX facility can help you achieve reduced operating costs and improved reliability through the upgrade of oxygen generation and dissolution equipment.
Learn more

UNOX System Process Upgrade (685KB)