LINDE Ozone disinfection for the water & wastewater treatment industry

Harnessing a natural disinfectant

Finding a strong, reliable disinfectant is a challenge at the heart of the wastewater industry. But at Linde, we have an answer — ozone. With its oxidizing potential, ozone is the perfect disinfecting agent when chemical residue is unacceptable. Utilized in Europe for decades, disinfection with ozone is now available from the experts at Linde. Our ozone applications are numerous and varied, ranging from a bleaching agent and disinfectant for industrial applications to municipal and manufacturing applications. Find out more about Linde disinfection systems and the opportunity to control your undesirable microbial growth in parts of your operation. A Linde representative can help you determine exactly what your needs are for your location and recommend the best disinfection option for your site.