Aeration & Odor Control

Odor and aeration control for the water & wastewater industry

Freshen up your wastewater

What’s the best way to fight odors in the wastewater industry? Add a little oxygen. Adding pure oxygen to your existing process can raise the level of dissolved oxygen enough to reduce or eliminate odors without further action. Even better, our systems help you manage peak demand and increase capacity while reducing Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions.

Linde’s In-Situ Oxygenation (I-SO™) System is a mechanical oxygenator that can dissolve as much as 82% of the high-purity oxygen into water. When you aerate with our I-SO Oxygenation System, you increase bio-treatment capacity, significantly lower VOC emissions, reduce foam formation, reduce electrical power usage, and allow for greater variations in oxygen demand. With Linde's I-SO system, it's easy to adapt a market-leading oxygen-enriched aeration technology to meet your site’s needs, short-term or long-term, and based on your unique issue, we’ll help you select an approach that will make the desired impact.

Linde has also developed the SOLVOX® Mobile Oxygen System which offers a flexible way for industrial wastewater treatment plants using aeration processes. It can be used to bridge seasonal and production peaks or as a backup solution during maintenance. Its modular concept allows for flexible capacity management and it can be easily stored and installed again when needed. A single unit can oxygenate and mix approximately 39,000 to 53,000 gallons of wastewater aeration basin volume. 

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