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EMOFLEX™ Gas Application Technology
Boosting productivity in lithium battery material processing 
Linde offers a complete portfolio of gas solutions to optimize the Lithium battery cathode material production process.

Linde has the experience and solid understanding on many aspects of the lithium battery industry, but especially for active materials manufacturing and battery recycling. In cathode production, the active materials are calcinated in controlled atmospheres, which can be either oxygen for high nickel tertiary cathode or nitrogen for LiFePO4 cathode. Linde’s EMOFLEX technology for cathode making focuses on the monitoring and optimization of the furnace atmosphere.Oxygen plays a critical role and the atmosphere inside the kiln has a significant impact on the product quality and uniformity, as well as the production throughput and productivity. During the production process flue gas forms. This flue gas dilutes the oxygen concentration if it is not removed on time. This presents a challenges in achieving and maintaining an optimum atmosphere during the roasting process.To resolve this, the EMOFLEX material processing gas technology has been developed for thorough atmosphere control. This technology will help optimize the production process and boost productivity by providing on-line monitoring of gas compositions in each zone of the roller hearth kiln (RHK), as well as the real-time tracking of atmosphere changes inside the furnace. Oxygen is injected, allowing for the cycle time of the roasting process to be reduced.


  • Roasting cube with furnace atmosphere automatic or manual control system
  • Oxygen lance and nozzle assembly for oxygen injection into selected zones
  • Oxygen supply ranging from a bulk liquid oxygen storage to an on-site oxygen generator using a VPSA or ASU supply modes
  • Compact design compatible with different roller hearth kiln (RHK) facilities 


  • Production process optimization
  • Productivity increase
  • Product pass rate enhancement
  • Energy consumption reduction
  • Production cost saving of Lithium battery active materials 

EMOFLEX Gas Technology Application Booklet

EMOFLEX Gas Technology Application Data Sheet

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