Lime Kiln Enrichment

oxygen injection can generate savings

Adding oxygen to increase production

Oxygen can be applied to increase the production rate of a lime kiln. After the application of oxygen to your lime kiln, operations may experience increased fuel efficiency. Alternatives to oxygen enrichment, such as purchasing more lime and dumping spent lime mud, have high overhead costs. With increased production capacity at hand, operations can generate capital savings by delaying investment in a furnace replacement or upgrade.

The increased fuel efficiency with oxygen injection can generate savings without additional changes to operations. The application of oxygen in lime kilns is typically low cost, without equipment upgrades or process changes. When put in place, lime kiln enrichment can generate many benefits.

Benefits of lime kiln enrichment:

  • Increase capacity (up to 30%)
  • Reduced fuel consumption (oil, natural gas, etc.)
  • Decreased risk for hydrogen sulphide (H2S) formation

For years, our company has supported the use of oxygen in lime kilns to boost capacity and save fuel in many pulp mill lime kilns. The technology is also used in cement kilns and similar installations. Linde has extensive global experience with these types of furnaces and combustion processes. With our team of experts, pulp and paper operations can start the process to increasing efficiency today.

Reach out to our team with any questions and to discuss oxygen enrichment of lime kiln.