Black Liquor Oxidation

buy oxygen for waste stream processing

Increasing combustion in recovery boilers with black liquor oxidation

Black liquor is a waste stream from the kraft pulping process after pulping is completed. It contains most of the original cooking inorganic elements and the degraded, dissolved wood substance. By reducing the amount of cold nitrogen supplied with combustion air and replacing air with oxygen in the use of recovery boiler technology, a higher emissivity and lower furnace combustion temperature can be achieved. This allows for a decrease in the total mass of oxygen supplied to the lower furnace which can lead to a more efficient system.

This reduction in flue gas volume and dead load in the lower furnace can accelerate the rate of combustion significantly. The 'carry over' is also reduced due to lower upward gas velocities. More black liquor can be processed, increasing overall efficiency.

Black liquor oxidation technology can have the following benefits:

  • Longer lifetime of existing recovery boilers
  • Strengthened liquor burning and recovery boiler capacity
  • Increased production of high-margin incremental pulp
  • Higher heat transfer in the furnace and lower exit gas temperature

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