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Industrial gas supply and TECHNOLOGY for the plAstics & rubber industry

Optimize your full potential in plastics and rubber processing 

Rising productivity and environmental pressures are opening new applications for lighter, more innovative plastic and rubber materials. In many inerting, molding, foaming and cleaning applications, gas and cryogenic technologies represent energy-efficient opportunities for manufacturers to increase productivity and product quality, while also enhancing environmental performance.

Our PLASTINUM® portfolio comprises dedicated, customizable technologies for many plastics processes, supporting everything from gas injection molding (GIM) through foaming to mold temperature control. Our end-to-end offering extends from our PRESUS® high-pressure gas supply through cooling technologies to total gas supply solutions and supporting services.

Thanks to our partnership with the high-pressure specialist Maximator, our customers can enjoy the full benefits of a one-stop, service for their gas injection and dosing needs. We also complement our PLASTINUM technology with environmentally friendly CRYOCLEAN® cleaning technology using carbon dioxide snow or pellets for surface pre-treatment or automated mold cleaning. 

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applications for the PLASTICS & RUBBER industry

Gas Injection Molding 

Nitrogen and carbon dioxide are used in the gas injection molding process to mold plastic parts with hollow areas.  

Mold Spot Cooling

Carbon dioxide enables improved cooling of hot spots which cannot be efficiently cooled with water.

Plastics Foaming

Provides metered liquid carbon dioxide into the extruder for uniform, predictable foaming results.

Cleaning Parts and Molds

Cleaning of plastic surfaces with CO2 snow particles and molds with CRYOCLEAN® dry ice pellets. 


Gas Supply and Process Equipment 
PLASTINUM S Temperature Control

PLASTINUM® Mold Spot Cooling

Cooling of hot spots in injection molds with carbon dioxide.



PLASTINUM® Gas Injection Molding

Enhanced gas injection molding solutions.



PLASTINUM® Gas Injection Molding C.

Gas injection molding with reduced cycle times.



PLASTINUM® DSD Metering Devices

Provides accurate mass flow for extrusion and polyurethane foaming and foam injection molding.

PRESUS Booster

PRESUS® N/C High Pressure Booster

Supplies high-mass-flow liquid carbon dioxide or nitrogen at constant high pressures.

Industrial services for the PLASTICS & RUBBER industry 

Providing End-to-End High-Pressure Gas Technologies 

Linde is the partner of choice for plastics producers looking to exploit the full optimization potential of gas-based technologies in plastics manufacturing. This will include everything from the optimum gas and delivery mode through supply and process equipment to training and servicing. Our experts will explain how gas-enabled innovations can be implemented in your current process flow to ensure the highest possible efficiency and quality improvements. Our end-to-end offering includes furthermore a large pool of test equipment for customer trials and global service delivery capabilities.

Linde and Maximator have worked jointly on plastics technologies for more than 20 years

Maximator is a leading supplier of high-pressure testing, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. They also have a leading position in gas assist worldwide and is the only partner with nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water assist capability, as well as extrusion and injection foaming and other technologies aimed at reducing cycle time and improving processing in plastics manufacturing.

Together, Linde and Maximator, have developed products and technologies for extrusion and injection molding applications. These products include PLASTINUM® high-pressure gas equipment. Our PLASTINUM technology package is built around our family of cost-effective, high-pressure gas supply and process solutions for both nitrogen and carbon dioxide including:

  • PRESUS® Pressure Boosters: Supply high-mass-flow liquid carbon dioxide or nitrogen at constant high pressures.
  • PLASTINUM® DSD 400/500 Inert Gas Metering Devices: Provides accurate mass flow for extrusion and PU foaming and foam injection molding.
  • Pressure Control Units: Set and maintain the required pressure of gas during the gas injection molding (GIM) processes.   

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