PRESUS®High Pressure Boosters

efficient boosting of liquid carbon dioxide  for plastics and rubber

High-Pressure Supply Through Cooling Technologies 

Presus Plastics Many different industrial applications require a steady supply of high-pressure liquid carbon dioxide (LIC) or high-pressure nitrogen. Typical applications in the plastics industry include extrusion foaming, gas injection molding, mold spot cooling, carbon dioxide (CO2) snow cleaning in the plastics and other industries, thermal spraying and many more.
The challenge lies in ensuring the required mass flow at the needed pressure to ensure the highest quality standards. Linde has developed the cost-effective PRESUS® range of pressure boosters, designed for the highest standards of quality and reliability.

  • PRESUS® C comprises high-pressure boosting equipment for liquid CO2 which supplies bubble-free, high-mass-flow at a constant high pressure to a variety of industrial processes.
  • PRESUS® N comprises high-pressure boosting equipment for nitrogen and argon, which can pressurize either liquid gas, nitrogen, or argon, which is afterward evaporated in a high-pressure vaporizer to supply high-pressure gas.

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