PLASTINUM®DSD Metering Devices

highly accurate carbon dioxide metering for  foam products

The Right Flow Rate and Pressure for Predictable Results

PLASTINUM MeteringThe highly accurate metering of liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) against high and fluctuating counter pressures is crucial for production of high-quality foam products with uniform cell structure. Due to its unique physical properties, CO2 is more challenging to dose into extruders or other plastics machines compared to traditional liquid foaming agents.

Depending on the application and requirements customers can select between two types of high-pressure metering units, both offering significant advantages compared to alternative dosing pumps, especially high process stability and metering accuracy even at high ambient temperatures without additional cooling devices. Gaseous, not flammable blowing agents like nitrogen can be also dosed.

The PLASTINUM® DSD 500 metering device is suitable for continuous or discontinuous processes and comes with several features and accessories. Additional benefits are an easy and quick start-up and the full ability for remote control. There are versions with a maximum of 30 kg/h and a maximum of 60 kg/h CO2 flow rate available.

The PLASTINUM® DSD 400 metering device is a cost-improved unit specially developed for extrusion foaming. It contains fewer standard features compared to the DSD 500, but additional features can be selected optionally. The maximum carbon dioxide flow rate is 30 kg/h.

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