Mold Spot Cooling

fast cooling of NARROW mold areas causing hot spots 

Cooling Technology with Carbon Dioxide

PLASTINUM S Temperature Control Our mold spot cooling technology using liquid carbon dioxide (CO₂) gives you advanced temperature control in hot spot areas of the mold which overheat due to lack of cooling. It is ideal for narrow, tiny areas that cannot be accessed with standard water cooling channels like core pins. Our PLASTINUM® temperature control solution can access and cool these “hotspots” and ensure uniform cooling of the whole part with up to 50% faster cycle times.

When the plastic melt is injected into the cavity, liquid CO2 – supplied from cylinders or bulk tanks – is injected through very thin capillary tubes into defined cooling channels to quickly cool the part. The expansion to atmospheric pressure generates a mixture of CO2 snow and gas, resulting in a highly effective local cooling action. The CO2 removes heat from the mold and releases it into the atmosphere.

Benefits of mold spot cooling:

  • High cooling rates
  • Cooling of narrow mold sections with complex geometries
  • Retrofit of existing molds with long cooling times possible
  • No deposits or clogging in tempering ducts

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