Extrusion and Polyurethane Foaming

Maximizing the benefits of carbon dioxide for extrusion and polyurethane foaming

PLASTINUM®Extrusion Foaming with CO2

Our PLASTINUM® Extrusion Foaming portfolio was designed specifically to meet the challenges of precisely metering liquid carbon dioxide into the extruder. A constant mass flow of carbon dioxide is crucial for uniform, predictable foaming results. Based on our long-standing knowledge and experience in this field, we offer a one-stop solution extending from an LIC bulk tank and the PRESUS C first stage liquid CO2 pressure boosting pump to a DSD high-pressure metering unit. For customers who already have a metering pump in place, we offer a supply system based on the PRESUS C for bubble-free liquid CO2 at a defined pressure.


  • Complete CO2 solution from one supplier
  • No need to integrate several items of equipment from different suppliers
  • No risk of ill-defined interfaces and delivery restrictions
  • Precise metering performance – irrespective of ambient temperature and climate
  • Easy installation

PLASTINUM® Polyurethane Foaming with CO2

Our PLASTINUM® Polyurethane Foaming solution is custom-designed for PUR foaming processes that require consistently high quality standards. Our special supply pumps are engineered to deliver liquid carbon dioxide (LIC) at the flow rate and pressure required to supply metering pumps for continuous slabstock lines producing low-density foams for mattresses, for instance. Particularly for dynamic discontinuous processes, we offer dedicated LIC metering systems that deliver the highest accuracy standards.

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