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From enhanced oil recovery projects in southern Mexico to gas well fracturing in Canada, our commitment to reserve growth spans the globe. Continued development of natural gas and oil reservoirs is critical to meeting your company’s business plan objectives — and Linde’s industrial gases and field services help you do just that. We have over 30 years of experience providing services in enhanced oil recovery, energized fluid fracturing, and well injection services. Additionally, as a leading supplier of nitrogen and carbon dioxide, Linde is your one-stop partner for optimizing your oil and gas production.

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Industrial services for the oil & gas industry 

CO2 Well Stimulation Services

At Linde, we offer well pad storage and carbon dioxide (CO2) pumping with our dedicated fleet of up to 60-ton storage vessels, manifolds and boost pumps with remote operation. We are a leader in gas supply logistics and liquid sourcing. And our highly skilled industry technicians, engineers and field supervisors work closely with service providers and owners to ensure each frac job is executed flawlessly. We can also provide technical assistance in energized fluid frac design with E-Frac simulation.

Pilot CO2/N2 EOR Services

Reservoirs in a mature primary or secondary stage of production are candidates for gas displacement recovery applying carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen (N2) injection. To determine if your reservoirs are amenable to this service, we use geological analysis and computer modeling to understand which strategies will work best. But before investing in the infrastructure necessary to enhance oil recovery (EOR) on your full field, we offer smaller scale pilot testing services. We’ll provide short to medium term — typically one to 36 months — supply, delivery and pumping of CO2 or N2 to your fields to enable pilot testing.

Linde is a leading U.S. provider of oil field services for both CO2 and N2. And we have the experienced field engineering and technician crews required to safely and reliably deliver and operate our well site equipment. We work with customers to determine the best mode of operation and will provide the equipment and expert crews to execute the pilot tests.

Huff n’ Puff Services

Linde's cyclical Huff n’ Puff services stimulate aging oil wells with CO2 to recover tertiary oil. In this process, CO2 is injected into a single well. The well is shut-in for a designated soaking period and the CO2 dissolves into the oil to cause swelling, increased saturation and permeability, and reduced viscosity. Oil is then produced back from the stimulated well typically at a higher rate than before treatment.

CO2 Huff n' Puff Services for Stimulating Oil Wells (1.3MB)

Nitrogen Supply & Pressure Pumping

Linde has the supply infrastructure, storage and pumping equipment, and expert crews to meet your high-pressure nitrogen needs for any oil or gas well application. We deliver liquid nitrogen to the well site in truck mounted storage vessels and have high-pressure pumps which deliver liquid at high-pressures needed for your unique applications. We also have direct fired and heat recovery vaporizers to convert liquid N2 to gas at the desired discharge temperature.

Linde has an extensive liquid N2 production and delivery network to meet our customers’ needs in all geographies.  Our experienced crews provide on-site set-up and operations of our storage and pumping equipment.

We do more than provide industrial gases, technologies and applications to the metal production industry. We will help you optimize every step of your process. From consultation to implementation and use, we offer a range of industrial services that help you monitor and manage your gas supply and help you make a better product.

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Industrial applications for the oil & gas industry

Well Fracturing

We’re helping you produce conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons through fracturing. We supply liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide, as well as industrial services such as product transport, storage vessels, and booster pressure pumping. As an alternative to hydraulic fracturing, Linde also offers waterless fracturing with CO2, improving the productivity and reliability of water sensitive or pressure depleted formations.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Linde's industrial gas injection systems are proven, cost-effective and smart ways to get more oil and gas out of your reservoirs. We have the expertise to understand your enhanced oil needs and the ability to develop low cost, reliable gas supply systems to meet your particular needs. We have supplied gases to over 20 EOR projects. And we’ll work with you to design, build, own and operate a complete gas system for nitrogen or CO2.

Inerting Thermal Events

We supply CO2 for inerting thermal events in large contained areas such as coalmines, coal silos and grain elevators. Our experienced team has twenty years of experience and offers CO2 sourcing, portable pumping equipment, and quick mobilization and response.

Nitrogen Applications

Linde provides high-pressure nitrogen at the wellhead, which is used for the following applications:

  • Annulus Insulator
  • Coiled Tubing
  • Completion
  • Drill Stem Testing
  • Foam Acid
  • Foam Cement
  • Hydra-Jetting
  • Lost Circulation Control
  • Mud Lightening
  • Pressure Testing
  • Stuck Drill Pipe