OPTIVIEW™ Image Analysis System

for Real-time, automatic control of the energy introduced into the melting process

Improve energy efficiency and cost savings of your operation

Optiview Diagram Linde's OPTIVIEW™Image AnalysisSystem uses flame image analysis technology to enhance combustion control and reduce emissions.

This innovation enables real-time, automatic control of the energy introduced into the melting process. That means your operation is always being controlled to drive the kind of fuel savings, reduced emissions and increased productivity that can make a positive, material impact on your operation.

Features and benefits:

  • Flexible set-up can be installed with different burner configurations
  • Industrial hardened camera withstands harsh operating conditions while requiring minimal maintenance
  • Real-time flame monitoring activates an immediate response to process deviations
  • Dynamic combustion control ensures consistent operation while reducing demand on operators

 OPTIVIEWSystem spec sheet (715KB)


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