Non-Ferrous Metals

Industrial specialty gases for the non-ferrous metal industry

Non-Ferrous? Not a problem.

At Linde, we have extensive experience serving a wide range of non-ferrous metal producers from primary production to finishing operations. Nonferrousmetals include aluminum, aluminum alloys, and copper.  With the help of our comprehensive range of industrial gases and technologies, you can increase yield and production while reducing fuel costs and particle emissions.

Related Gases

Oxygen Oxygen rollover Oxygen

Increase combustion efficiency and decrease fuel consumption by adding oxygen to your non-ferrous metal manufacturing processes.

Nitrogen Nitrogen rollover Nitrogen

Found at the core of our heat-treating applications, nitrogen is a non-flammable gas used to rid unwanted gases from your processes to prevent oxidation.

Hydrogen Hydrogen rollover Hydrogen

Hydrogen is used to prevent oxidation and is the key component in the heat treating process.


Our Dilute Oxygen Combustion technology gives you a flexible and inexpensive way to convert burners from air-fuel to oxy-fuel, reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Protect your non-ferrous metals from surface oxidation and alloy reactions with our wide variety of atmosphere systems for annealing furnaces.

This innovation enables real-time, automatic control of the energy introduced into the melting process.

Our aluminum melting techniques may help you achieve higher production output in your furnace operations while providing energy savings and lowering your NOx emissions.

Nitrogen-based cooling can help with temperature control in aluminum extrusion. It is an important step in producing quality products and maximizing productivity potential.

Our dross cooling application can help you develop your aluminum recovery process and increase your aluminum recovery rate.


We offer more than industrial gases and applications to the non-ferrous metal and metallurgy industry. We work with you to optimize your process. From consultation to implementation and use, we offer a range of services that help you manage your gas supply and make a better product.

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