Focusing on the Customer


Our strengths, your gain 

Linde Comp Trio For Linde and the metals and materials processing market areas we serve, there are three categories that group and detail unique competencies that address the needs of our customers. This focus on temperature, the gas application, and the system support allows our customers to quickly reference the type of products and services that we offer in the marketplace. The icon images associated with the competencies provides for easy reference, recognition, and recall.


Forming stronger bonds

Linde Temperature Competencies The flame icon represents Linde’s involvement in combustion and high heat applications with the capabilities to take you from the mine to your heat treatment application and everything in between. Linde provides you with knowledgeable support every step of the way.
There are many factors to take into consideration when working with glass, steel, and non-ferrous materials. A slight error can compromise the integrity of your product and give you less than superior results. Luckily, Linde has been working with metal material processors, glass manufacturers, and steel manufacturers for many years. Although the practice of working with ferrous and non-ferrous metals has been around for a long time, expertise combined with research and development continues to discover ways to improve quality, lower costs and deliver productivity benefits. Whether your focus is on melting, preheating, hardening, brazing or inerting, you want to be certain that you are applying the right industrial gas, controlled atmosphere, and technology to get the job done right.

Linde’s industrial gases are used extensively in glass and metal production and processing to lower cost, improve energy efficiency, deliver environmental benefits, and improve productivity.

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More than just gas

Linde Atmosphere Competencies The cloud icon represents Linde’s expertise in many atmosphere applications. By using atmospheric gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon) and process gases (hydrogen) at precise concentrations for the correct amount of time, Linde can manage the atmosphere in hundreds of applications.
By applying our gases with utmost precision, we also provide an environment that’s designed with the safety of your employees in mind. Both input and exhaust are monitored and evaluated to assure safe use of industrial gases in your applications.

Linde has a range of applications for your combustion and metal processing needs:

  • Oxygen and argon for steel production   
  • Nitrogen for inerting
  • Hydrogen for metal finishing and coatings
  • Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) 
  • Oxygen-enhanced technology

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Linde Gas Offerings

LINDE supply system and parts support 

Parts and Service 

Linde Service Competencies The purple icon is your link to the full measure of customer service, replacement parts, and system support that backs every Linde product and is present in each and every customer relationship — 24/7, 365 days a year. There’s more to a Linde product than shiny stainless steel and incredible gas technology. Every Linde supply system and burners have a global network of experts backing it up by providing guidance, parts, and service. When you buy a Linde product, you get Linde's total system approach, which ensures that customers receive products optimized for their operations, plus 24/7 support services that include:

  • Total supply system review and start-up

  • Project management for installation

  • System efficiency optimization

  • Cryogen delivery systems analysis

  • An industrial gas use safety review

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