Integrated Steel Mill

Industrial specialty gases for integrated steel mills

Saving throughout the process

Linde has a wide array of industrial applications throughout the processing chain of an integrated steel mill, and we are continuing to work with our customers to develop new applications for improved energy efficiency and environmental benefits.

Related Gases

Oxygen Oxygen rollover Oxygen

Introducing oxygen into your iron and steelmaking processes can help you reduce fuel use, produce higher temperatures and lower production costs.

Argon Argon rollover Argon

A key component in our Argon Oxygen Decarburization technology, argon is used to create over 75% of the world’s stainless steel.

Nitrogen Nitrogen rollover Nitrogen

Found at the core of our heat-treating industrial applications, nitrogen is a non-flammable gas that eliminates unwanted gases from your process. It is also used as an inert gas to store and transport the combustible materials used in metal production.

Hydrogen Hydrogen rollover Hydrogen

Hydrogen is used to prevent oxidation and is the key component in the heat treating process.


Introduce our Dilute Oxygen Combustion application into your ladle preheating process and reheat furnaces for faster heat times with less fuel and reduced emissions.

Our nitrogen and hydrogen-based heat-treating processes are low in cost, high in productivity, and may help your operators precisely meet specifications.

Designed for enhanced Powdered Coal Injection, our Hot Oxygen Technology can increase PCI rates in your blast furnace.

Adaptable to nearly every system and easy to install, our Laminar Barrier Inerting industrial application excludes unwanted gases from your processes to reduce oxidation and slag formation.

Our Stove Oxygen Enrichment application can produce higher temperatures in blast furnaces with oxygen, reducing or potentially even eliminating the need for natural and coke oven gases.


At Linde, we offer more than industrial gases and applications to integrated steel mills. We work with you to optimize your process. From consultation to implementation and use, we offer a range of services that help you manage your gas supply and make a better product.

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