Inerting for Metal Production

Laminar barrier inerting (LBI) systems for metal production

Inerting that moves your business ahead

Linde's Laminar Barrier Inerting (LBI) technology provides inert atmospheres in open-ended enclosures, such as induction furnaces. LBI excludes unwanted gases, especially oxygen, from the enclosure which results in reduced alloy oxidation, slag formation and dissolved oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen in the metal. LBI also prevents air from being pulled into the enclosure by gas jets that produce turbulent flow.

Our Laminar Barrier Inerting process has been proven successful in a variety of metal production processes, including melting and casting of aluminum, copper-beryllium, nickel and cobalt-based alloys, stainless steel and alloy steel. It is also used in semiconductor processing and tundishes for powder atomizing. Let us work with you to find ways to make LBI work for your business.

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