Aluminum Melting and Degassing

linde oxygen and argon-enhanced technology for Aluminum PROCESSING

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Aluminum Melting Flame Linde has developed and commercialized several proprietary oxygen-injection techniques, oxy-fuel combustion systems and aluminum melting burners that enhance the productivity and efficiency of aluminum melting furnaces. Oxygen injection increases the heat available in the furnace for melting by reducing the heat loss due to hot nitrogen in the flue gas. Oxy-fuel combustion for secondary aluminum melting provides many benefits compared to conventional air/fuel combustion. These benefits include:

  • Increased flame temperature

  • Increased productivity

  • Reduction in flue gas

  • Fuel savings 

The reduction in the flue gas volume and particulate material entrainment with oxy-fuel combustion greatly reduces the cost and complexity of off-gas cleaning systems.

Aluminum Degassing

Aluminum Melting Degassing

Linde argon is used to prevent oxidation of molten metals and for degassing aluminum. Aluminum degassing is done by injecting pure argon or its mixture with chlorine. By doing so, impurities are removed providing better results. Problems with impurities can arise, especially when there is excess hydrogen present in the melted aluminum. The excess hydrogen has a negative effect on the mechanical properties of your finished aluminum piece. These defects may include porosity, shrinkage, fatigue, and lower corrosion resistance. 

Contact us to learn more about argon use for degassing. Our experts can review your aluminum melting process with you to help you achieve your productivity and quality goals. 

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