Aluminum Dross Cooling

LINDE argon Aluminum Dross Cooling

Maximize your aluminum recovery

Aluminum Ingots DrossAluminum dross can form on the surface of aluminum and the weight may vary from 1% to 6% or more of total aluminum production. Dross may contain between 18 to 80% of valuable aluminum.

Linde can help you develop your aluminum recovery process and increase your aluminum recovery rate by applying argon to your dross cooling process. Aluminum dross cooling is a process where the dross is skimmed and cooled in an inert gas atmosphere. It is important to work quickly and efficiently to prevent the aluminum from oxidizing, which can happen if the dross is not cooled down fast enough and remains exposed to air. 

Benefits of argon for dross cooling:

  • Displaces oxygen quickly 

  • Increases aluminum recovery rates 

  • Prevents oxidation of the residual metal 

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