Working Together to Achieve Shared Goals and Objectives

MMP Collaborations
Here to assist you with resolving quality and safety issues and achieving better performance through equipment upgrades.


Linde's gas expertise combined with Nitrex's technology enables the heat-treatment market to meet quality standards in furnace operations. The goal is to continually develop support systems that optimize the quality, safety, and control of each process while minimizing gas consumption and reducing energy waste.

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Impact is the global technology leader for cold spraying, a highly innovative process for surface coating and additive manufacturing. We have worked closely to develop LINSPRAY® Connect, a smart gas supply technology designed to meet the high-pressure specifications of Impact Innovation’s cold spray system. LINSPRAY Connect helps customers achieve a stable flow of high-purity process gases at the right temperature and pressure with minimal to no fluctuations.

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Cool Clean

Cool Clean Technologies and Linde have teamed up to provide CO2 cleaning and surface preparation for automotive applications. Cool Clean’s waterless solutions can be automated to reduce footprint and parts can be moved directly into painting, coating, or assembly immediately after being cleaned.

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