Nitriding & Nitrocarburizing

Ensuring reliable gas supplies for homogeneous furnace atmospheres

Reducing metal surface wear

Linde offers NITROFLEX® atmospheres that blend nitrogen, ammonia and other gas combinations to transfer nitrogen and carbon to the surface on most grades of steel. We offer safe gas supply solutions, leading technologies and process know-how for excellent nitriding results. To guarantee safety of operations, we constantly monitor the ammonia storages on your site.


  • NITROFLEX® atmospheres can create an infinite range of gas mixtures influencing the phase composition of the compound layer
  • Optimal combination of product properties relating to wear, fatigue and corrosion resistance
  • Additional post-oxidation treatment creates an attractive and corrosion resistant surface without the problems associated with salt-bath waste
  • Parts that used to be carburized to a low case depth can be nitrocarburized using NITROFLEX®
  • Gas supply planned according to your requirements and plant setup
  • Retrofitting of existing furnaces
  • Improved operations due to leakage control on ammonia stores

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