Freezing for longer lasting parts

Nitrogen Parts FreezingWear resistance and the lifetime of high-alloy and tool steels can be significantly increased through the correct application of sub-zero treatments. During the cryogenic treatment, austenite is transformed into martensite and fine carbides are precipitated. As a result, the cryogenic treatment improves the hardness, dimensional stability, wear resistance, and lifetime of the steel parts. 

Investments in professional sub-zero application technologies and equipment generally deliver rapid payback. Here liquid nitrogen is the cooling agent of choice as it enables temperatures down to -292°F (–180°C), and accelerates cycle times.

Our CRYOFLEX® freezers include our box, cabinet and tunnel models:

  • Model B – box freezer
  • Model C – cabinet freezer
  • Model T –  tunnel freezer
  • Model CC – metal strip contact cooling

Complementing this standard offering, a customized model and size can be designed to meet your specific needs.

CRYOFLEX freezers (1MB)
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