CARBOFLEX® Nitrogen-Endogas Atmosphere System

LINDE OFFERING designed to monitor protective atmospheres

Bright and carbon neutral processing 

The CARBOFLEX® Nitrogen-Endogas Atmosphere System is designed to provide a nitrogen based atmosphere system with an endogas generator during the annealing process in continuous furnaces. Nitrogen based atmosphere systems and atmosphere generators can be regarded as separate alternatives, each with advantages and disadvantages. Linde has developed a flexible system that can mix your input gas —nitrogen, endothermic gas or an enrichment gas— and can be installed in combination with either an external or in-situ endothermic gas generator. With such a combination, it is possible to create the right furnace atmosphere specifically for the metals being treated.  

Combined with the CARBOFLEX Atmosphere Control System, you also have full control over the carbon potential in up to four zones per furnace, optimizing your heat treatment cycle. The functions of this system also provide an indispensable tool in quality assurance work and safety. A data archive is created, allowing you to analyze for continuous process monitoring and compliance with the relevant safety and quality standards.


  • Optimized annealing
  • Easy to operate
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved safety

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