Aluminum Die Cooling

linde nitrogen die cooling for aluminum extrusions 

Improved temperature control for your operation 

Extruded Aluminum Channel Temperature control in aluminum extrusion is an important step in producing quality products and maximizing productivity potential. There are defects in extrusions that have been found to be related to excessively high exit temperatures, which limit the production rate and reduces the quality.

At Linde, we can help you resolve this issue by providing a system for cooling your aluminum dies with liquid and gaseous nitrogen. By using nitrogen for die cooling, you may increase your extrusion rate by up to 50%. Nitrogen properties work well with aluminum because it is an inert gas that can decrease high heat temperatures quickly and efficiently. In addition to the cooling, the evaporated gaseous nitrogen creates a low oxygen-containing atmosphere in the press opening.

Nitrogen can also work to improve the surface quality of the aluminum extrusion. As the extrusion comes out of the die, it is exposed to a decreased level of oxygen in the air and the risk of being affected by aluminum oxide is reduced.

The use of nitrogen to cool will also offer additional benefits in the long run. When the aluminum die is cooled properly, its life is extended, allowing for more extrusions and a decrease in the need to replace the die. The more consistent heat cycle temperatures protect the die from overheating and deformation.

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