OPTIMELT Systems for Waste Recovery

Thermochemical Regenerator and preheating Systems for waste recovery

Maximize energy efficiency for the ultimate melt

The portfolio includes the OPTIMELT ThermoChemical Regenerator system, Batch Preheating, and Cullet Preheating Systems. 

OPTIMELT Thermochemical Regenerator System

OPTIMELT TCRThe OPTIMELT Thermochemical Regenerator System stores waste energy from the hot flue gas in regenerator checkers and subsequently utilizes this heat to preheat fuel. This process provides the energy needed to endothermically reform the mixture of fuel mixed with carbon dioxide and water in the recycled flue gas. The result is the conversion of fuel to hot syngas – which means you'll need 20% to 30% less fuel to melt your glass, compared to oxy-fuel and air regenerative glass furnaces.

What’s more, the OPTIMELT Thermochemical Regenerator system delivers these results by using only 33% of the checker volume typically required for conventional regenerator systems. The complete system includes regenerators, flue gas recirculation equipment, ducting to the regenerators, blowers, oxygen injectors, and a proprietary control system. 

OPTIMELT Thermochemical Regenerator System (555KB)

OPTIMELT Batch and Cullet Preheating Systems

Our OPTIMELT batch and cullet preheating systems are ideal for gas-oxygen fired glass furnaces. These systems utilize the energy in the hot flue gas to preheat the cullet and/or batch. The systems allow for a direct contact heat transfer from glass furnace exhaust gases to the material being processed before being fed into the furnace. Depending on the cullet rate, the cullet preheating technology has been demonstrated to reduce fuel consumption by as much as 15% in comparison to traditional oxy-fuel furnaces. When combined with batch preheating, fuel savings could increase to as much as 30% versus air regenerative furnaces and 20% versus oxy-fuel furnaces. 

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