Keeping food fresher, longer with cryogenic gases supplied by Linde

Industrial Gases for the Food and Beverage Industry
Various frozen foods
Meeting Your Food and Beverage Production Needs
Our gases provide the product characteristics that our customers need. Frozen, chilled, crisp and fresh — it’s all possible with Linde gases and application expertise. We work with a wide range of customers to increase their productivity and improve yield, all while enhancing food product quality and maintaining our focus on food safety. We are developing new gas applications, as well as continuously improving our existing cryogenic systems to make your process even more efficient.

When you buy from Linde, you get our total system approach, ensuring that you receive products optimized for your operations and 24/7 support from our customer service center, in-house food technologists, and field service engineers. At Linde. we are making our world more productive.
Roast chicken pieces Individually frozen strawberries Rolls made using cooled flour
The Markets that Linde Serves


Efficient processing for higher yields. With cryogenic gases and cryogenic systems from Linde, you can get what you always wanted – faster processing speed and optimal product quality.
Poultry market gas & equipment offerings

Beef & Pork

Beef up your productivity. Whether you are dealing with raw or cooked product, Linde has a system that can help improve your productivity and throughput, without sacrificing product quality.
More on red meat and pork applications

Baked Goods

Perfect your products and improve productivity. Linde has a number of proven systems to help the bottom line of your bakery operations. Precise temperature control is essential for proofing, dough mixing, product chilling & firming or fully freezing.
Discover time saving applications


Your product is valuable - protect it. Seafood processors have to control a number of variables. Everything from avoiding yield loss to addressing seasonal demands, with Linde your seafood operations stay focused on product quality.
Boost productivity of processed seafood
Linde gases are used for freezing, chilling and cooling food products, pressurizing & carbonating beverages, boosting greenhouse growing yields and more.

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Upcoming Industry Events

We exhibit new offerings and present in-depth discussions at market conferences and industry trade shows throughout the year.

September 10, 2024 - September 12, 2024

Westin Hotel, Itasca, IL

The International Conference on Thermochemical Conversion Science:
Biomass & Municipal Solid Waste to RNG, Biofuels & Chemicals

Linde is exhibiting in the Westin Ballroom Foyer

September 16, 2024 - April 17, 2024

Glass Problems
Toledo Hilton, Toledo, OH

The 85th Conference on Glass Problems is presented by the Glass Manufacturing Industry Council (GMIC) and Alfred University. It is endorsed by The American Ceramic Society.

Linde is in Hospitality Booths 14 & 15

October 8, 2024 - October 10, 2024

The Battery Show
Huntington Place, Detroit, MI

Now entering its 14th year, North America’s largest advanced battery event will take over Huntington Place in Downtown Detroit this October.

Linde in in Booth #4334
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