Flour & Dough Cooling with Cryogenic Gas Injection

Flour & dough cooling systems for the baking industry

Mixing Consistency in Every Batch


Optimum dough temperature is critical to any bakery operation. Our specially designed flour and dough cooling systems provide precise, easy-to-operate methods to achieve your required temperature. Our systems use cryogenic gas, either liquid carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen, to automatically cool your product.

With direct cryogen injection, you can maintain precise control of the temperature of your flour and dough products, resulting in optimum product quality. Additionally, the use of our fully-automated systems eliminates potential human error involved in the manual addition of ice, thus providing for a reduction in labor costs, as well as consistency of batches regardless of seasonal temperature variations, batch size or production levels. Cost-effectively achieve the product quality you desire every time with Linde's flour and dough cooling systems.

Flour & Dry Ingredient Cryogenic Cooling (681KB)

Dough Cooling (61KB)

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