Freezing Baked Goods, Chilling Dough, and Cooling Flour

Industrial gases, applications AND services for the baking MARKET

Fully baked processes

Keep up with production demands while maintaining the excellent quality, taste and texture of your baked products. At Linde, we assess your needs and equipment, and optimize it for your operations. We also offer the temperature control, atmosphere applications, services and support you need to maximize your throughput in the minimum amount of space.

Related Gases in the Baking Market

Carbon Dioxide Carbon Dioxide rollover Carbon Dioxide

A key cryogenic agent in the cooling, chilling and freezing of food products, carbon dioxide protects the taste and texture of your baked goods by maintaining proper temperature control. It also reduces the need for preservatives in your packaged products and increases shelf life.

Nitrogen Nitrogen rollover Nitrogen

Nitrogen is a key cryogenic agent in cooling, chilling and food freezing. It also plays an essential role in reducing spoilage, discoloration and off–flavors of baked goods, while giving strength to retail packaging.

Applications for the Baking Market

Freezing and Chilling Cupcakes

Our in-line system crust freezes your baked goods prior to packaging to preserve the unique look and taste of your product. Our cryogenic freezers feature ultra performance tunnels and spirals to reduce their footprint in your factory and are designed not only for maximum production but with enhanced sanitation features that make them easier and faster to clean.

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Flour and Dough Cooling

Flour cooling is one of the most effective means of regulating dough temperature. We’ve developed a unique in-line flour cooling system that utilizes the precision of cryogenic cooling by adding carbon dioxide or nitrogen to flour or other dry ingredients as they are conveyed to the mixer.

CO2 Snowing Baking

Removing heat with carbon dioxide snow is an economical, precise way to cool your baked products at any point in the production process. Our snow dispensing devices are available in a wide range of sizes and types, and can stream CO2 snow from any orientation. Plus, the snow particles are much more consistent and uniform, delivering highly effective snow cooling.

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MAP Chips

Product returns or rejection due to staling or loss of original taste and quality can severely hamper your production. Extend the shelf life of your bakery and snack products to keep costs low and customer satisfaction high.


  • We understand how cryogenic freezing systems affect your product. And we believe that making simple changes to your current method could greatly benefit your operations. The experts at our Food Technologies Lab are there to analyze your process and provide recommendations to improve the quality and consistency of your food product.

  • Linde ensures that our customers get the right products, optimized for their operations. And we back them up with 24/7 support services that include total system review and start up, customized production and operator training.

We help you optimize every step of your process. From helping you install, monitor and manage your gas supply, to recommending applications to help you achieve the level of productivity and product quality you require.

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