Blending Hydrogen with Natural Gas to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Natural Gas blended with Low carbon intensity Hydrogen

A Sustainable Mix

Hydrogen-enriched natural gas (HENG) addresses important energy and environmental issues: decarbonization and improved energy management. Natural gas is already recognized as an important factor to slow climate change. Natural gas has the smallest carbon footprint among fossil fuels and can be used with high efficiency. But this alone is not enough. Supplementing natural gas with sustainable gas technologies, like HENG, uses hydrogen that comes from a low- or zero-carbon energy source to help reduce the carbon footprint of the blended product. HENG can leverage existing natural gas infrastructure to reduce CO2 emissions, improve the efficiency of end-use equipment and lower the overall carbon intensity of energy consumption. One way to reduce the carbon intensity of boilers and furnaces is to replace a portion of the fossil fuels, like natural gas, with hydrogen produced from renewable feedstocks or carbon-free power.

An Optimal Blend

Linde has developed a PLC controlled mixing skid to safely blend hydrogen with natural gas at the desired ratio with the desired flow rate to provide a stream of mixed gases to gas-fired application. The uses are expanding every day as we look for alternatives to reduce carbon intensity across many industries and make an impact on the global economy.

There are a number of benefits to using low CI hydrogen enriched natural gas:

  • Enhances combustion and reduces CO2 emissions
  • Lowers the carbon intensity of natural gas
  • Leads to more complete combustion of the fuel
  • Utilizes existing natural gas delivery infrastructure

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