The Linde Green Option for Hydrogen


How the Linde Green option for hydrogen works

Depending on the feedstock and the production method utilized, we can provide hydrogen that is certified to have a carbon intensity that is 40% to 100% lower than hydrogen produced through conventional steam methane reforming. By utilizing a combination of lower carbon feedstocks, various production methods including electrolysis and obtaining power from low carbon sources such as wind, solar and hydropower, Linde can provide hydrogen that meets the lower carbon intensity requirements demanded by our customers.

Low carbon renewable energy sources and production methods that utilize feedstocks with lower carbon content allow Linde to produce lower carbon intensity hydrogen. The resulting hydrogen product is used as part of the Linde Green program.

Linde produces hydrogen from its Ontario, CA facility that meets the renewable requirements of the California Air Resources Board. The facility supplies hydrogen at pressures required by the latest generation of hydrogen refueling stations.  Read more  


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