Hydrogen Supply for Fuel Cells

LINDE Hydrogen Supply for Fuel Cells In Vehicles

The power of hydrogen

Linde's hydrogen propels everything from land speed record-breaking vehicles to passenger cars, buses, trucks and forklifts. For over a decade Linde has been providing hydrogen fuel and related technical support to fuel cell developers and vehicle fleets across the country. Linde's comprehensive hydrogen supply system allows warehouses and distribution centers to take full advantage of lower costs and enhanced productivity that hydrogen fuel cell forklifts provide while leaving hydrogen supply in expert hands.

A dependable and cost-effective source of hydrogen is crucial for fuel cell powered vehicles of any size. That’s why it’s so important to work with an industrial gas company that can safely, reliably and cost-effectively supply the hydrogen you need, whatever the size of your fleet and however your business grows. Linde's coast to coast hydrogen supply supports the needs of the transportation market. Our nationwide distribution network, logistics and technical support delivers the reliability our customers require. Think hydrogen. Think Linde.

Linde team of experts is ready to address your hydrogen application needs.

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