Hydrogen for Power, Heating and Utilities

Hydrogen is a powerhouse of energy

The power of hydrogen as an energy source

Hydrogen’s energy capability supports electrical grid balancing and can be used for long duration, long-term energy storage or in combustion to produce power. When deployed as a stationary power supply, it can be used for off-grid commercial and residential buildings. Production of low carbon electricity can be achieved by blending low carbon hydrogen with pipeline natural gas in power generation or burned directly in specifically designed hydrogen turbines. Hydrogen energy can be used as a backup energy source potentially replacing diesel powered backup generators or for heating fuel demands and augmenting renewable energy sources. This is an important resource for 24/7 markets like telecommunications and data centers which could benefit from backup electricity generation.

Energy Storage Module

What is hydrogen energy used for?

Hydrogen may be used as an energy storage medium. The energy can then be used for:

  • Traditional back-up power (i.e. cell towers, etc.)
  • Larger/longer term energy storage or back-up power for grid balancing to support more renewable production
  • Direct use to produce power on a distributed basis
  • Consumed directly in gas fired turbines to produce electricity. Electricity from a hydrogen turbine would lead to emission reductions since it would have zero scope 1 emissions (regardless of the type of hydrogen utilized) and could be entirely carbon free if carbon-free hydrogen was utilized.


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