Automotive & Transportation Equipment

Industrial gas supply & equipment for the automotive industry

Driving auto manufacturing from start to finish

At Linde, we help our customers produce high quality parts and equipment at every step of the automotive and transportation manufacturing process. Because the quality of the finished product depends on what happens on the assembly line, it’s essential to make precisely reproducible parts. At Linde, we supply the industrial gases, equipment, and advanced applications that help you do just that.

Linde has the experience to meet the demands of our customers while respecting the needs of our planet. In areas such as wastewater treatment and solvent-less cleaning, our gases help create cleaner environments in automotive factories. And our applications can help you reduce defects, limit downtime, and lower emissions.

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Industrial Applications for the automotive industry

Heat Treating

From annealing and brazing to sintering and carburizing, our nitrogen-based heat- treating applications are low in cost, high in productivity, and help you meet the stringent standards of the automotive and transportation industries.

Parts Manufacturing

From the body and engine to seat belts and anti-lock breaks, our gases and industrial applications help you make high quality components while reducing costs from the inside out.

See how other industrial applications apply to the automotive & transportation equipment industry.

Welding & Metal Fabrication

Industrial Services for the automotive industry

Cool Clean Technologies 

Cool Clean Technologies, LLC

Cool Clean Technologies and Linde have teamed up to provide CO2 cleaning and surface preparation for automotive applications. Cool Clean’s waterless solutions can be automated to reduce footprint and parts can be moved directly into painting, coating, or assembly immediately after being cleaned.

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UPC - Marathon

UPC-MarathonUPC-Marathon's technologies and equipment for process and flow control, combined with Linde’s expertise in industrial gases, enables the expanding requirements of the automotive market to meet quality product needs. 

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At Linde, we do more than provide industrial gases and applications to the automotive & transportation equipment industry. We work with you to optimize every step of your process. From consultation to implementation and use, we offer a range of industrial services that help you monitor and manage your gas supply to improve your product quality.