Industrial gas supply & equipment for the transportation industry

Driving transport manufacturing from start to finish

At Linde, we help our customers produce high-quality parts and equipment at every step of the transportation manufacturing process. Because the quality of the finished product depends on what happens on the assembly line, it is essential to make precisely reproducible parts. We supply industrial gases, equipment and advanced applications that help you do just that.

Our environmental commitment as an industrial gas supplier

Our professionals have the experience to meet the demands of our customers while respecting the needs of our planet. At Linde, we value commitment, safety, integrity, and community in all that we do. In automotive and other transportation parts manufacturing facilities, our gases are used to help create cleaner environments. Processes like wastewater treatment and solvent-less cleaning, help reduce the use of harsh chemicals and the creation of undesirable reactions. Additionally, our applications may help you reduce defects, limit downtime, lower emissions, and provide efficiency improvements in your product market.

Linde is an industrial gas supplier to the transportation industry that includes automotive, aircraft, and rail. We are here to provide you with the resources and technology you need to outperform the competition and increase environmental awareness behind your operations.

Nitrogen and Hydrogen-Based Gases for Heat Treating

Heat treatment involves controlling numerous parameters to achieve specific metallurgical properties, depending on the type of metal being used. It is especially crucial to control your furnace environment when manufacturing automotive, aircraft, and rail components. Our network of industrial gas supply and systems, along with our technologies and in-depth know-how enable precision control of some of the most critical parameters within the various heat treatment processes. Our gases are effective for heating treatments that bring out desirable characteristics in metals. In addition, we provide the full range of gases to form furnace atmospheres. 

Industrial Gas Availability

Our industrial gases like helium, nitrogen, argon, and hydrogen are readily available for your heat treating applications:

  • Annealing: Nitrogen or hydrogen-based atmospheres to achieve a bright surface finish on your metal parts. 

  • Brazing: Nitrogen or hydrogen-based atmospheres facilitate excellent braze joints and better surface quality in mass production. Achieve higher productivity and increased surface quality while meeting your large batch deadline.

  • Sintering: Hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon monoxide help create a specific gas atmosphere in order to assist de-lubrication and help avoid decarburization. Create automotive parts in diverse shapes with compressed metals and ceramic powders. Form everything, from gears to parts that move, while keeping the uniformity of the sintered parts. 

  • Carburizing: Nitrogen, acetylene, and nitrogen-methanol gas supply are available for parts manufacturers to use in various carburizing treatments. Thermo-chemical processes require precise carbon control to achieve the desired product specifications and  increase wear resistance.

Technologies for Autoclave Inerting

Autoclaves expose aircraft and automotive components to intense pressure and high temperatures. With our nitrogen supply systems, you can perform autoclave inerting tasks to manufacture high-performance parts that are lightweight, yet durable for outdoor settings. We can design and install systems with customized flow rates necessary for your operations.

Gas Supply for Lithium Battery Manufacturing

We can provide lithium-ion battery manufacturers with the high-purity gases needed in their manufacturing process. As a fully integrated industrial gas supplier, Linde offers consistent quality and an extensive supply network to meet those needs. Our team of expert engineers can help you manufacture vehicle parts, like batteries, while optimizing your nitrogen or argon-based inert atmospheres, enhancing your production and lab scale processes with the correct gas mixtures, offering precise and reproducible control of gas flows, and offering gas distribution systems that provide you with maximum uptime.

Industrial Gas Supply for Automotive Testing

Our pressure-testing gases like nitrogen and helium are perfect for locating unwanted gaps in refrigerant systems. We will explain your options for using inert and nonflammable gases compatible with your automotive manufacturing equipment.

Inert Gases for Additive Manufacturing in Aircraft Production

Additive manufacturing is often used in the development of spare parts, small series production and tooling. It has had the greatest uptake in industries where its relatively higher production costs can be outweighed by the advantages additive manufacturing can deliver, particularly in highly innovative industries, such as aircraft production.
Additive manufacturing requires an inert environment to prevent the contamination of components. Our gas supply of nitrogen, argon and helium, combined with our technology can allow you to complete more customized parts, improve product strength and functionality, and reduce assembly time. With proper atmospheric control, the amount of oxygen in your environment can also be closely monitored. Even extremely small variations in oxygen content can impair the mechanical or chemical properties of alloys sensitive to oxygen like titanium or aluminum and can affect the composition of the product, resulting in negative physical characteristics such as discoloration and even poor fatigue resistance.

Gas Supply for Wind Tunnels

Our industrial gas supply for the aerospace industry includes gas concentrations appropriate for hypersonic and heated environments. Our professionals listen to your requirements to recommend options for you, whether you need industrial gases for your testing environment or you are ready to go live with your application.

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Industrial Applications for the automotive industry

Heat Treating

From annealing and brazing to sintering and carburizing, our nitrogen-based heat-treating applications are low in cost, high in productivity, and help you meet the stringent standards of the transportation industry.

Parts Manufacturing

From the body and engine to seat belts and anti-lock breaks, our gases and industrial applications help you make high quality components while reducing costs from the inside out.

Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing 

From R&D to mass production, we provide lithium-ion battery manufacturers with the expertise and industrial gas supply network needed to produce quality products. 

Autoclave Inerting

At Linde, we design and install customized systems to provide the high pressure, high flow rates required for autoclave inerting. Linde provides an online survey tool and other services to evaluate your system and work toward optimizing industrial autoclave performance.


Our proprietary Dilute Oxygen Combustion burners are used to provide even heating in critical preheating processes for the forging of exotic alloys for jet engines and other critical aerospace and aircraft parts.

See how other industrial applications apply to the automotive & transportation equipment industry.

Welding & Metal Fabrication

Industrial Services for the automotive industry

Cool Clean Technologies 

Cool Clean Technologies, LLC

Cool Clean Technologies and Linde have teamed up to provide CO2 cleaning and surface preparation for automotive applications. Cool Clean’s waterless solutions can be automated to reduce footprint and parts can be moved directly into painting, coating, or assembly immediately after being cleaned.

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NitrexNitrex's technologies and equipment for process and flow control, combined with Linde’s expertise in industrial gases, enables the expanding requirements of the automotive market to meet quality product needs. 

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At Linde, we do more than provide industrial gases and applications to the automotive & transportation equipment industry. We work with you to optimize every step of your process. From consultation to implementation and use, we offer a range of industrial services that help you monitor and manage your gas supply to improve your product quality.

linde technology for the transportation industry


EMOFLEX™ Gas Application Technology 

Optimize your production process and boost your productivity in Lithium battery active material roasting and calcining processing. Linde's EMOFLEX material processing gas technology is designed to inject oxygen into selected zones of the roller hearth kiln (RHK) with accurate control, at picked positions, through specially designed lance and nozzle assembly. 


Autoclave Sizing Tool 

At Linde, we design and install customized systems to provide the high pressure, high flow rates required for autoclave inerting. Linde provides an online survey tool and other services to evaluate your system and work toward optimizing industrial autoclave performance.