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Industrial gases & applications for auto parts manufacturing

Making quality vehicles from quality parts

Customers today expect more from their cars — more power, more safety, more comfort — and less maintenance. At Linde, we can help you exceed their expectations. Because when each auto part is manufactured well, your finished product delivers the perfect blend of engineering, safety and technology. Linde gases can help you manufacture auto parts of the highest quality for your automotive needs, from lighting and electronics to air bags and climate control.



Pressurized nitrogen reliably and precisely contributes to the manufacturing process of automotive tires. Linde engineers nitrogen supply systems to deliver gas flows matched to the cycles of your tire curing machines. Inflating tires with nitrogen helps to increase tire life by stabilizing pressure and slowing rubber oxidation. This cost-effective solution eliminates the use of expensive liquid nitrogen pumps and gas receivers.

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Air Bags


Air bags are a critical part of the active safety systems built into today’s vehicles. High-pressure argon, in combination with other rare gases, provides the right properties for ultra high-speed bag inflation. At Linde, we also engineer high-pressure gas supply systems to integrate into air bag production lines.


Auto Assembly

One of our core competencies is using Linde argon, carbon dioxide and helium to make precise, secure welds. Along with our industry-leading technologies, our gases can be used for the welding of support struts, dashboard parts, frames and bodies during a vehicle’s trip down the assembly line.

Climate Control Systems

Auto Climate Control

Automotive air conditioning heat exchangers are often assembled using a brazing process done in a controlled nitrogen or hydrogen atmosphere. This reduction atmosphere allows the brazed joints to achieve the highest level of leak-free strength. Our helium is also commonly used for leak detection.


Auto Electronics

Today’s vehicles contain an ever-increasing level of computing power. Printed wire boards (PWBs) containing electronic components are made by a process called wave soldering and reflow soldering. Linde nitrogen can provide an inert atmosphere allowing the PWB soldering process to take place with reduced risk of defects, resulting in higher quality electronic parts. 

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Many of our gases are also used in the manufacturing of semiconductors.
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Engine & Driveline Components

Auto Engine

When automakers look to increase fuel efficiency, they focus on transmissions and engines. And as automakers continue to engineer increasingly complex transmissions, our atmosphere technology for heat treating can maximize precision in this critical production phase.

Windshields & Lighting 

Auto Lighting & Windshield

Gases play an important role in several automotive glass and lighting processes. Nitrogen and hydrogen are used in the production of float glass and our oxy-fuel technology makes glass melting more fuel efficient while minimizing NOx emissions. Specialty gases are also used in glass deposition coatings and lighting manufacturing. In glass, specialty gases are used for safety and energy efficiency and in lighting, they are an integral part of LED manufacturing. Rare gases, such as, xenon and krypton, are commonly used in light bulbs and oxygen is used in the glass furnaces supplying the glass for the lighting components.

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