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The Future of Hydrogen

Hydrogen helps fuel decarbonization

As every corner of the economy continues to set new goals for CO2 reduction, more avenues to achieve those goals have come into focus. That’s why, now, one key to successful energy transition lies in finding the best fuel to fit the needs of your operations. And for the mobility market, a leading candidate is hydrogen.

At Linde, we are committed to developing and deploying low carbon-based energy sources that can help make your decarbonization goals a reality. To do that, we develop in-depth relationships with our customers in the mobility market to provide custom plans optimized to fit the needs of today, as well as what’s next.

Our production is in full swing

Hydrogen pipeline

An advantage of partnering with Linde for clean energy, is that we have already begun the legwork of developing hydrogen production facilities primed and ready to deliver. By investing in hydrogen production and processing infrastructure, we have greater control of and access to the fuel that can power your fleet. With facilities across the country, Linde can help ensure hydrogen fuel is never far away when you need it.

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Leverage the entire hydrogen value chain

Hydrogen refueling of a bus

At Linde, we have built a comprehensive hydrogen fuel system – from technical development to hydrogen supply to system implementation. Whether you need help sourcing fueling station components or ensuring your needs are met for reliable delivery of hydrogen, we have the expertise and capabilities to get the job done. And for customers incorporating hydrogen into fueling systems, Linde can help guide adoption and implementation every step of the way.

The Complete Value Chain

The power of Linde Green™ Hydrogen

Hydrogen Refueling

We are committed to pushing what’s possible with hydrogen fuel. Through our proprietary Linde Green™ Hydrogen produced with a lower carbon intensity, we can provide fuel with a 40% to 100% lower carbon intensity than hydrogen produced via traditional steam methane reforming of natural gas. That means Linde can help further reduce your carbon footprint while still effectively powering your fleet.

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Now online: Our latest Hydrogen plant

Aerial shot of Linde LaPorte hydrogen facilityThe newest addition to our growing roster of liquid hydrogen plants in the U.S. is now fully operational in La Porte, Texas. Capable of supplying more than 30 tons of high-purity liquid hydrogen per day to the mobility segment and beyond, this new plant helps further increase the reliability of our infrastructure. It is just the latest step in growing our liquid hydrogen capacity and distribution system, which is already the largest in the world; and it’s all in service of helping power a greener plant.

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