Hydrogen Produced using Low-Carbon Intensity Energy


Think Hydrogen, Think Linde

Hydrogen is a well-known industrial gas that is rapidly becoming a vital component of our modern energy mix. Linde is at the forefront of this transition. As technology continues to evolve, hydrogen has the potential to be instrumental as a lower emission transportation fuel, and in the storing of energy for balancing the power grid, providing on-demand back-up power, and primary power generation. As technology changes for the better, so does hydrogen. The range of carbon intensity is evolving from today's grey hydrogen designation, which is hydrogen produced from hydrocarbon feedstocks where carbon dioxide is emitted to the atmosphere, to a blue or green categorization where hydrogen is produced from renewable or low carbon feedstock sources in combination with low carbon production processes. As an industry leader in the transition to clean hydrogen , Linde operates 80 hydrogen electrolysis plants worldwide and has installed over 190 hydrogen fueling stations.

Hydrogen with a lower carbon footprint

Solar panel under bight sunDepending on the feedstock and the production method utilized, Linde can provide hydrogen with a range of carbon intensity allowing us to sell hydrogen meeting the lower carbon footprint requirements demanded by our customers. Whether you are seeking hydrogen to meet California’s low-carbon fuel standards, meet sustainability targets, or have other needs, the Linde Green option can provide hydrogen that is certified to have a carbon intensity that is 40% to 100% lower than hydrogen produced through conventional steam methane reforming.

Our commitment to sustainability

Natural landscape with riverSustainability is one of our principal values and has inspired us to create the Linde Green option for hydrogen. At Linde, we continuously live our mission of making our world more productive. Through our gases, application technologies, and services, we can provide a competitive advantage to our customers, helping them improve their productivity, energy efficiency, and environmental performance.

Reducing the carbon intensity of hydrogen

Traditional carbon emissions associated with the production of hydrogen can be reduced with a combination of renewable and low-carbon feedstock and/or power.

Linde has established a program to track hydrogen production that allows us to certify the carbon intensity of the hydrogen molecules provided. To qualify, each plant included in this program has undergone an independent, third-party assessment to establish the carbon intensity of the hydrogen produced.

  • Hydrogen with a carbon intensity 40-100% lower than hydrogen produced via conventional steam methane reforming
  • Same product quality with lower associated greenhouse gas emissions
  • Third-party assessment of the carbon emissions associated with Linde’s production
  • Pathway established with the California Air Resources Board (CARB)
  • Auditable program

Download our Linde Green product sheet for hydrogen above or click the Contact Us link for more information about the product.

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